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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is network media jukebox?
The POPCORN HOUR Networked Media Jukebox is opening up a new era in digital entertainment by breaking down the technological walls between TV and home theater systems on the one hand, and PCs and the Internet on the other. As DVD movies and Internet video have become increasingly popular, digital entertainment enthusiasts have searched for a way to make the rich media content stored on their PC hard drives and home networks available through their TV. POPCORN HOUR is the answer.

2. How does popcorn hour works?
Popcorn hour works by playing your desired media file media from avi (DivX, Xvid), mkv, mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4,WMV9-HD, MOV content and a lot more. You won't need a BluRay player to enjoy Hi- Def as the Popcorn Hour can play files up to 1080p quality.

3. What do I need to keep it running? Any software
Nothing, popcorn hour comes with all the necessary software to play your media.

4. Do I need to install an internal hard disk in order to use Popcorn Hour?
1) No, you can stream movies/music/pictures from your PC or NAS (network attached storage). 2) You can attach an external USB storage device which contains the media (Flash drive, external hard disk) 3) You can stream video over the internet

5. Is it plug and play?
Yes. Firmware has been updated (at the time of your purchase) to best run your system. All you have to do is plug in your TV (or home theater), copy your media into the hard drive (should you wish to install one) or plug in a thumb drive and play.

6. What applications does it have?
As of now these are the applications but it can still be added: Video : Revision 3, Videocast, CNET TV, Mediafly, Mevio, Bliptv, CBS Evening News, CNN Anderson Cooper 360 Daily, CNN The Larry King Podcast, NBC Today Show, The CNN Daily, CNN In Case You Missed It, NBC Nightly News, NBC Meet The Press, CBS Face the Nation, Podfinder UK, Motorz Audio : Jamendo, iPodcast, BBC Podcast, Indiefeed, CNN News, ABC News Photos : Flickr, Picasaweb, Pikeo, 23, Photobucket, SmugMug RSS feed : Yahoo! Weather, NMT Forum, Bloglines, Cinecast, MSNBC News, Traffice Condition, Yahoo! Traffic Alerts, Yahoo! News, Weather Bug Peer-to-peer TV : SayaTV Internet Radio SHOUTCastâ„¢ Radio, Radiobox, Live365 Radio And a lot of upcoming Apps in our Apps Market

7. Can I surf the web?
Yes you can, using the remote control or a USB keyboard
8. How does Bittorrent work?
Bittorrent works by downloading your desired media file thru peer-to-peer sharing. You can download your desired torrent file thru you PC and transfer it into the popcorn hour's built in bittorrent.

9. What is the advantage of downloading torrent using the Hour rather than my PC?
The popcorn hour consumes as little as 20W. Compared to your power hungry 600W PC, the popcorn hour practically pays for itself if you like to download 24/7.

10. What's the speed in downloading?
The speed will depend on your internet connection.

11. How big is the storage space?
The storage space will depend on the size of the hard disk you wish to install.

12. What if I want to burn the movies/series I downloaded, how does it work?
You can install an external DVD burner thru the USB or you can plug the popcorn hour into your home network and burn your desired file thru your PC.

13. Do I need to have an HDTV to play it or any other TV will do?
No, an ordinary TV will do just fine. To enjoy full 1080P HD media, you will need an HDTV.

14. I already have a PC why should I still buy this one?
Your motherboard / videocard has to have hardware accelerated video engine like PureVideo (nvidia) in order to play HD contents.Even with the hardware right your PC also has to be configured to play HD with the right codecs, decoders and software.Then there's the issue of power consumption. A properly configured PC for HD playback, most popularly known as Home Theater PC or HTPC, most often then not comes with a thirsty 550W power supply Save yourself the hassle of multiple codecs and hard to understand shareware decoders and software. Watch your HD movies with the 20W power Popcorn Hour.

15. I already have a DVD Player with USB Port (divx) why should I buy this one?
Your DVD player is only limited to play standard definition movies (SD) and not HD. Most often then not it can only play short *.avi DivX files.
PCH can play to all movie formats and infinite length movies.
16. What's the difference between a 2.5"/3.5" external hard disk media player and the popcorn hour?
Like the DVD player with USB (divx) support in the previous question, the external hard disk media player is only limited to play standard definition movies (SD). PCH can play high definition movies (HD) as well as SD and a number of other file formats.

17. Why should I buy a Popcorn Hour and not a HTPC, XBOX Media Center, PS3, Mediagate or DviCo TViX?
The Popcorn Hour can play almost any file, it's small, it doesn't take much power it is cheap and it is quiet. You can even view your pictures or play your favorite music. The Xbox makes lots of noise with it's fan's and doesn't play HD files.

A HTPC will play almost everything, has a sleeker userinterface but most of the time are noisy, bulky (well at least not as small as the PCH), expensive (P25,000 at least) and use more power. Mediagate and DviCo TviX that are sold here doesn't support any HD files, doesn't have a bittorrent downloader and other features like youtube, flickr, NBA TV, Twitter, Facebook and a lot more.

18. I don't have any High definition movies where can I get this?
We can give you a number of legal movie and tv show downloader sites where you can download.

19. Why choose Popcorn Hour over other HD media player? What advantage does Popcorn hour have?
Here are some of the advantange on choosing Popcorn Hour:
1. Popcorn Hour is manufactured Syabas, the No.1 supplier of NMT chipset. Chances are the other locally available HD media players just purchase Syabas' chipset and manufacture their own casing. Its safe to say that Popcorn Hour knows the capabilities of their chipset best thats why they release firmware upgrades faster and more frequently. This is a huge advantage for owners of Popcorn Hour as they dont have to worry about not being able to play the latest HD media file and format.

2. Popcorn Hour comes with the latest Networked Media Jukebox and Apps Market. Quickly browse through your movie collection with the cool video wall instead of boring old file listing that your wife could not remember the title of the movie she wants to watch. Welcome to the world of Networked Media Jukebox. We take the effort from messy software setup, and make it almost automatic!

3. Popcorn Hour can play most available 1080p media because of their frequent firmware updates. Other HD Media player stutters or dont play some 1080p media altogether.

4. Popcorn Hour IS the only HD media player that decodes DTS audio and pass-thru digital DTS-HD MA. Unlike the other HD media players, the casual user can hook the Popcorn Hour direct to their HDTV and not worry about not being able to hear movies with DTS audio (other HD media player just give you video w/ no audio). For the home theater enthusiast, you can be assured that you get the best available audio, DTS-HD MA, passed thru to your receiver. Popcorn Hour is the only player that can decode HD Audio! that is confirmed! check out this link for more info


5. Popcorn Hour has the largest community of user. You can be assured that you can easily reach out to a fellow user online at www.networkmediatank.com should you need help.
20. Why should I download HD movies when I already have divx movies?
Watching the same movie in HD can give you a better exhilarating experience. We're pretty confident that after watching a movie in HD, you may not want to go back to low quality divx movies or DVD movies.

21. What is the warranty? Where did you source the popcorn hour units?
We source the units directly from Syabas technology's office in Malaysia. As an official Philippines distributor of popcorn hour, our units come with a 1 month replacement and 1 yr service warranty and of course customer support if you need any help.

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