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The A-500 is based on the successful Popcorn Hour Media Jukebox and now with high resolution video (4K) and high resolution audio (DSD) playback improvement. Powered by the legendary Sigma Designs® SMP8758 SoC, it supports 4K HEVC, 3D Blu-rays and enhanced video performance with the VXP Video Processor.



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Feel the Immersive Viewing Experience in 4K and DSD Gapless Audio Playback


Housed in a fanless case designed by Silverstone® and running the latest Network Media Jukebox software, the Popcorn Hour A-500 is all you need.

Provides you with more bandwidth and higher headroom for higher bit-rate UHD media 

High-Performance Technologies.
With Sigma Designs SMP8758

Sigma Designs SMP8758 Dual Code Cortex A9 processor is able to support
10-bit HEVC video decoding up to 2160p @ 30 fps (4K)

Beyond a Display, Its a Vision

VXP Video Processing

Motion and Edge Deinterlacing  |  Film Cadence Detection  |  Adaptive Contrast Enhancement
Vividness in Every Pixels

4K Ultra-High Definition

Breathtaking Depth. Captivating Color. Lifelike Details.Turn your display into phenomenal viewing experience. Everything you see appears even more true to life!

Feels Real with 3D Subtitle.

Feels Real with 3D Experience

BL-WDN600 (Optional)
600 Mbps 11AC Wireless Dual Band USB Adapter

MT7610U WiFi 802.11ac Driver Support.

With the latest 802.11ac technology, Popcorn Hour A-500 takes Wi-Fi speeds over the top.
With wireless performance up to 3x faster, 802.11ac is capable to
offer feature-rich wireless connectivity at high standards, and delivering reliable,
cost effective thoughput from an extended distance.

Premier Analog Audio DAC
ESS Sabre ES9023P

Popcorn Hour A-500 employs Analog
Audio DAC by ESS Sabre ES9023P

Gapless Playback.

Play seamlessly, one after another

Built for Storage

HDD Docking Tray 2.5″/3.5″

Storage is about space, speed and performance.
With the HDD Docking Tray 2.5″/3.5″,
move your video, music and photos into it now!

Fanless Architecture, Quietly Astonishing.

High Aesthetics with Aluminum Chassis






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