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The C-300 is a Blu-ray player-sized box. And not a slim player, one of the first -generation ones. This size is all down to the hard drive and Blu-ray player capacity.

C-300 bundled with BDR-300, order together and save!

The Extreme Networked Media Jukebox

The C-300 is a certified Blu-ray player. That means, if you buy a PC Blu-ray drive and install it, you'll be able to watch movies. Of course, not all Blu-ray drives will work, but there is a Wiki maintained by users that will point you in the direction of those that have been tested and do work.

You can use a full-sized Blu-ray drive, if you fancy it, but that will require you to remove the 3.5-inch drive bay and fit the Blu-ray drive in its place. The other solution is to get a slimline drive and install it in the small slot above the 3.5-inch drive bay.

  • With the hard drive & optical drive combo rack, you can add a slim line Blu-ray ROM drive and instantly transform your C-300 into a home theatre powerhouse eliminating the need for additional disc players.
  • The TFT panel allows you to navigate your C-300 without turning on your TV, this is extremely useful if you just want to start playing a music album. With adjustable brightness control, you can always turn it down to suit your movie environment.
  • The Popcorn Hour C-300 comes pre-loaded with the industry’s most user friendly jukebox interface. No additional or complicated software setup needed. The Networked Media Jukebox (NMJ) automatically scans your media source and downloads useful information such as the cover-art, movie synopsis, cast and director.
  • Start enjoying 3D content on your Popcorn Hour C-300. With support for Matroska’s MKV 3D codec and other Side-by-Side video, you can watch 3D movies or stream 3D video from the web. Just plug the C-300 into your 3D television and enjoy the show.
  • Never deal with scratched or damaged discs again with support for Blu-ray backup ISO files. With zero loss of movie quality and interactive menu support, you’ll have all the features of Blu-ray without all the hassles of physical media.


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